Products We Use

With over 30 years of experience, Burns & Sons Irrigation uses the best products to build your irrigation system. We use a combination of Hunter and RainBird products, some of which are below.


Rain Bird® ESP-Me Controllers are simple and intuitive to program, making it easy to monitor and adjust watering schedules based on your landscape’s diverse watering needs.

Backflow Preventor

Prevents water from your sprinkler system getting into your drinking water. City and State approved, they are required by all local government water departments.

Rain Sensor

Prevents over-watering during rainy times and insures the proper amount of watering regardless of weather conditions.

Drip Irrigation

Commonly known as drip irrigation, Netafim products are ideal for precise irrigation. Environmentally responsible, sound, and accurate, Netafim is technologically advanced for areas that are small, discrete, and adjacent to areas that which you don’t want to water. Practical applications include drip in planters, flower beds, and plantings adjacent to your home.