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About Burns & Sons Irrigation

Burns & Sons Irrigation is a family owned and operated business started by Bryan Burns in 1984. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction with experience in design and installation for residential irrigation systems. Our business services the Northwest Suburbs of Maple Grove and the surrounding communities. Our first concern is Customer Satisfaction on the service we provide for your home.

Serving the Northwest Suburbs since 1984:
  • Maple Grove
  • Plymouth
  • Champlin
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Minnetonka
  • Rogers
  • Elk River
  • St. Michael/Albertville

CLOCKS - Also known as controllers, they are the brain of your system. Easy to operate and program for your individual needs. Controllers efficiently operate whether you're home or on vacation conserving water with carefree control.

Rain Bird ESP Controller

SPRINKLER HEADS - Designed for a variety of uses. They are professionally selected for your individual needs to keep your lawn lush and plants healthy along with proper care and maintenance. Burns and Sons Irrigation recommends only the highest quality sprinkler heads, including the #1 selling Hunter PGP rotor and the Rain Bird spray.

Hunter PGP-ADJ Rotor Head

Rain Bird Spray Head

NETAFIM IRRIGATION - Commonly known as drip irrigation, Netafim products are ideal for precise irrigation. Environmentally responsible, sound, and accurate, Netafim is technologically advanced for specific applications. Generally, drip irrigation is used for areas that are small, discrete, and adjacent to areas that which you don't want to water. Practical applications include drip in planters, flower beds, and plantings adjacent to your home. Above all, Netafim is efficient and conserves water.


AUTOMATIC VALVES - Valves are the heart of your sprinkler system. They are placed in a box under ground out of sight and wired to your controller to water your lawn & plants in different areas called zones. Using a solenoid device controlled by electricity from the controller, valves turn on and off the flow of water to the sprinklers.

Rain Bird Valve

BACKFLOW PREVENTOR - Prevents water from your sprinkler system getting into your drinking water. City and State approved, they are required by all local government water departments.

AUTOMATIC RAIN SENSOR - Prevents overwatering during rainy times and insures the proper amount of watering regardless of weather conditions. Installed with all installations.

Hunter Mini-Clik


Burns & Son’s Irrigation provides the following services to homeowners:
  1. Our installation team will professionally design and install a complete irrigation system on your property in a timely fashion.

  2. Service and repair work for your existing irrigation system.

  3. We offer winterizing services by blowing out all the water from the lines which prevents damage due to freezing.

Installation Warranty:
  1. One year comprehensive warranty
  2. Three year warranty on major components
    • Sprinkler Heads
    • Controller
    • Zone Valves
Advantages of Automatic Sprinklers

  1. Save Time. No more having to remember to water or pulling the hose around or having to move the sprinkler. Your lawn gets watered even when you are away.

  2. Save Money. Over watering can kill shrubs and your lawn, which can cost you money. A new sprinkler system will save you the expense of having to re-landscape because of these mistakes.

  3. Save Water. A new lawn sprinkler system will provide the right amount of water to your lawn. It is important to conserve water. Most homeowners use almost 50% more water than they need to when watering their lawns.
Paver Installation

We are expanding our business to include Paver Installations. Your renewed outdoor living space installed by Burns and Sons promises to bring additional interest to your home. Bold, beautiful, and just better, Borgert pavers go more than skin deep. The use of granite interlocking concrete paving stones carry a reputation of being virtually indestructible. Granite is famous for its strength, hardness, and eternity. This is why concrete pavers made with granite can provide a long-term solution for anyone who wants their pavement to last a lifetime…Let your home make a grand statement with a patio created from Borgert Products.

Installations include:
  • Patios
  • Fire Pits
  • Walkways & Entrances
Featuring Borgert Pavers


We will be pleased to provide you with any references of our customers upon request ... Please Call Bryan at 763-420-5919.

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You can call us at 763-420-5919 and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss an irrigation system to fit your needs and give you a FREE ESTIMATE.

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